About WebCE

Founded in 1992, WebCE’s mission is to provide high quality education products and services at an affordable price. Each year we deliver over 900,000 online courses to working individuals and corporations nationwide.

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Our mission is to grow a family of brands into first choice providers of powerful educational experiences and tools for the professionals we support.

Our values are simple:

  • Be the Trusted Source.

  • Exceed the Expected.

  • Do Good and Do it Well.

  • Support Profesionals. Be Professionals.

  • Forge Solutions, Create Connections.

  • Foster Customer Love.

I am WebCE

We believe in supporting professionals as professionals with quality education products and exceptional service.

In 1992, we formed WebCE with one goal in mind…to provide licensed professionals with quality online education at an affordable price. And, although a lot has changed since then, one thing that will never change is our core goal. At WebCE, we strive to understand the unique needs and challenges of our customers, and are dedicated to providing the best CE experience every day.


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We are a team of hard working, over-achievers.

Our employees take great pride in being a part of the WebCE family and in representing the core values of our company: honesty, respectfulness, commitment, innovation, and reliability. Our dedication to quality and service is what makes us different and keeps customers coming back year after year.

 Meet the WebCE Team