Do it for your clients.  Do it for your employer.  Do it for yourself!!! Get your ​MLIS certification and start differentiating yourself from your competition.

Who Should Take the MLIS Program?

  • Insurance agent or broker
  • Customer service representative (CSR)
  • Insurance underwriter or adjuster
  • Risk manager or insurance manager
  • Contractor CFO, controller, or other executive who buys insurance
  • ​Managing professional who wishes to expand your horizons
  • Risk and insurance consultant

What You Gain with an MLIS Certification:

  • Recognition that you are an expert in the industry
  • Information and resources to help you grow in your profession
  • Networking opportunities through our online communities
  • The MLIS Marketing Tool Kit

How You Earn the MLIS Certification

The core curriculum for the ​MLIS program consists of five courses. You must pass all five courses to qualify as a holder of the ​MLIS certification. Each course is independent of the others, and you may complete them in any order you choose. Once you earn the MLIS certification, you qualify as a holder of the certification for 24 months. You must earn 3 hours of approved MLIS CE credit during the initial 24 months and each year thereafter to continue using and displaying the MLIS certification.