See The Friendly Faces Of WebCE

Management team in the WebCE lounge serving breakfast

The Management Team

WebCE is led by our CEO, Jack Gibson, and President, Jennifer Haworth.  The management team is comprised of department leadership who guide our company to meet our strategic goals. 



Accounting and HR

We're responsible for all the financial operations for the company and HR is responsible for the care of our employees. 

WebCE Accounting Team at Bowling Ally



We're industry experts who develop up-to-date course material for the product lines WebCE supports. 

WebCE content team at an axe throwing event


E-Learning Operations

We maintain relationships with states and regulators to inform our customers of education requirements. 

WebCE e-Learning operations team dressed up as scientists




We create and maintain systems to ensure functionality so every department can do their job efficiently. 

Engineering team of 6 people picking up trash


We provide information, advice, and resources to employees when there's a question that could benefit from the advice of in-house counsel. 

Man in photo booth holding up fake black mustache to face


We connect current and future customers to WebCE products to help elevate our customers' careers. 

WebCE Marketing Team With Candles



Production Services

We deploy and maintain WebCE courses on all learning platforms. We're experts in editing, video, audio, animation, and more.

WebCE Production team out at dinner




We foster relationships with our corporate clients. We work to create custom solutions for companies of all sizes. 

Member of our sales team flipping pancakes at the office

Support Services

We help solve our customers' problems while providing exceptional service to keep customers coming back year after year. 

WebCE support services team photo