Remote Proctoring Now Available for Insurance Exam Prep & CE Exams

By Stacey Cessna, WebCE Director of Marketing
Sep 27, 2022
Remote Proctoring Now Available For Insurance Exam Prep & CE Exams

WebCE is the first online insurance education provider to offer a state-approved remote proctoring solution for its exam prep and continuing education experience.

WebCE is excited to announce a strategic partnership with Prometric to deliver its customers a remote proctoring option for insurance exam prep and continuing education self-study exams. This unique integration will be the first remote proctoring experience for online insurance training courses.

Prometric’s remote assessment platform, ProProctor, provides a secure online proctoring solution using human and AI-assisted proctoring. The service includes the rigors necessary to meet the insurance regulatory requirements with the convenience to take a proctored exam remotely from any location. With the ProProctor remote assessment platform, WebCE students can take their exams safely, reliably, and securely from their own home or office, without the need to have another person physically with them.

As we all move forward in the wake of COVID-19, remote proctoring allows insurance professionals the convenience of completing their course’s exam without the stress of finding and scheduling an in-person proctor or visiting a testing center. With this new option, exam prep and continuing education students can complete their course exams safely, reliably, and securely using the ProProctor remote assessment platform.

“WebCE is always looking for new ways to innovate, especially when it comes to improving the online experience for our customers,” said Jennifer Haworth, President of WebCE. “We are especially proud to be the first online education company to offer a fully integrated remote proctoring solution for the busy professionals we serve.”

“Prometric and WebCE have the same goal to be able to provide customers with innovative solutions for completing their education and testing requirements,” said Sean Burke, Chief Client Officer of Prometric. “Integrating our ProProctor solution with WebCE gets us closer to achieving our goals and further paving the way for the insurance industry in offering assessments anywhere.” 

The ProProctor platform offers customers the convenience of completing their course exams from home or at work, and they can schedule their exams for any time of the day or night. If remote proctoring is available for a WebCE course, the student will see a notification before they begin their course stating that the course has been approved for online monitoring through Prometric. The only requirements are a stable internet connection, a working webcam, and a government-issued ID. Students selecting the ProProctor option to satisfy their exam proctoring requirement will incur an additional nominal fee for the convenience. 

Currently, the following select states have approved remote proctoring for insurance exam prep and continuing education (CE) courses through the ProProctor remote assessment platform:

  • Alabama (CE)
  • Colorado (CE & Exam Prep)
  • District of Columbia (CE)
  • Georgia (CE)
  • Hawaii (CE)
  • Iowa (CE)
  • Indiana (CE)
  • Massachusetts (CE)
  • Montana (CE)
  • Texas (Adjuster Exam Prep)
  • Vermont (CE)
  • West Virginia (CE & Exam Prep)
  • Wyoming (CE)

If remote proctoring is not yet available in your state, check back regularly! More states are expected to approve remote proctoring throughout the year.

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