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Managing Grief: A Guide for the Funeral Professional

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Funeral professionals work with clients during the worst possible moment of their lives and while they are experiencing the first steps in the grieving process.

This course reviews the stages of grief and identifies simple coping mechanisms that clients can use immediately. It explains different types of loss and grief as well as the new normal life, within which grieving families will begin to live. The course reviews cultural considerations and how understanding these distinctions will help funeral professionals better serve an increasingly diverse cultural community. Finally, the course examines compassion fatigue, a condition that can arise when drained funeral professionals believe they simply cannot give any more.

Learning Objectives

Students who successfully complete this course will be able to:

  • understand the different stages of the grieving process after the death of a loved one
  • understand how bereaved individuals will eventually enter into a new “normal life” after loss
  • describe various coping mechanisms and best strategies for assisting grieving families
  • explain the difference between healthy and unhealthy grieving practices
  • recognize differences in grieving practices among diverse cultures
  • identify signs of compassion fatigue and what funeral professionals can do to maintain their emotional health

Designed for

Funeral professionals at all levels of experience

Exam Requirements: Self-study exams are open-book and do not require a monitor.

Important Study Requirements: You must submit form BFS-CE6OL to the North Carolina Board of Funeral Service at least 10 days before taking an online exam.

The North Carolina Board of Funeral Service does not permit agents to access the final exam until the student's time in the course equals the number of approved credit hours. The course must be stopped if the student is inactive for more than 10 minutes.