Professional Liability Insurance Coverage Triggers


Course Description
This course is designed to provide a detailed look at how both claims-made and occurrence coverage triggers function and how they are used in professional and executive liability insurance policies. The course begins by defining the term “coverage trigger,” introduces both claims-made and occurrence coverage triggers, and provides an example of how claims-made coverage triggers apply in a claim situation. The course distinguishes between the two different kinds of claims-made policies: those written with pure claims-made coverage triggers and those containing claims-made and reported coverage triggers. It introduces the concept of the retroactive date, commonly included within claims-made policies; discusses discovery provisions; and addresses the two factors that complicate the application of claims-made coverage triggers. Next, the problem of coverage gaps in claims-made insurance policies, and how to close them by means of extended reporting periods and prior acts coverage, is reviewed. The course discusses the rationale for using claims-made coverage triggers as well as the advantages and disadvantages they present for both insureds and insurers. Since a handful of professional liability coverage lines are sometimes written on an occurrence basis, these coverage triggers—and how they differ from claims-made policies—are also explained.

The chapters covered in this course are:

  • Coverage Triggers: What Are They and How Do They Apply?
  • The Two Types of Claims-Made Coverage Triggers
  • Retroactive Dates in Claims-Made Policies
  • Applying Claims-Made Coverage Triggers
  • Complicating Factors in Applying Claims-Made Coverage
  • Causes of Potential Claims-Made Coverage Gaps
  • Closing Coverage Gaps in Claims-Made Policies
  • The Rationale for Claims-Made Insurance
  • Advantages and Disadvantages of Claims-Made Forms

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