Annuity Suitability: Issues and Standards

The purpose of this course is to provide an understanding of annuity suitability, and the guidelines and standards by which suitable annuity products are recommended. The course addresses the issue of suitability and the problems that can arise when annuities are inappropriately sold. It then presents in detail industry requirements that were developed in response to this issue. The course describes how a producer can integrate suitability standards into his or her day-to-day business practices and offers practical guidance as to how suitable product recommendations and sales can and should be made. It explores the information necessary to determine a suitable annuity transaction, how to analyze that data, and how to ensure client understanding and acceptance of an annuity recommendation. The course covers:

  • Introduction to Annuity Suitability
  • Suitability in Annuity Transactions Models
  • FINRA Rule 2330
  • Annuity Suitability in Practice
  •  Suitability from the Client’s Perspective
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