Residential Renters Insurance -- CLEQ

Course Description
This course examines the insurance needs and the insurance coverages available to residential renters. It covers the many reasons why renters should consider carrying property and liability insurance and examines in detail the insurance policy that is appropriate for most tenants:  the ISO Homeowners 4—Contents Broad Form. The course briefly examines personal property policies other than the tenants policy (HO 4) that are appropriate for some renters, as well as additional or optional types of coverages—auto insurance, boat insurance, personal umbrella coverage, and flood insurance—that many renters should also consider. The course concludes with a discussion of a variety of special situations that renters may face and explains how they can appropriately be insured.   

The course covers the following topics: 
  • Renters and Their Insurance Needs
  • Property Coverages in the Tenants Policy (HO4)
  • Covered Causes of Loss in the Tenants Policy (HO4)
  • Property Exclusions and Conditions in the Tenants Policy (HO4)
  • Liability Coverages in the Tenants Policy (HO4)
  • Other Insurance Coverages for Tenants
  • Special Situations and Tenants Policy (HO 4) Endorsements
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