IRMI on Commercial General Liability

Course updated for 2013 ISO CGL form

Course Description
This course provides an introduction to general liability insurance, focusing on the standard coverage form developed for this line by Insurance Services Office, Inc. (ISO). It explains the theory of legal liability, the ways in which one person or organization can become legally liable to another, and the liability risks that can—and cannot—be addressed through general liability insurance. The course looks briefly at the historical development of general liability coverage forms and the ways in which the ISO commercial general liability (CGL) coverage form has evolved since its introduction in 1986 through the 2013 changes. From this historical perspective, the course then moves on to a detailed analysis of the CGL coverage form, using the same organization as the form itself, as follows.

  • The Insuring Agreements, which define the scope of coverage and the triggering incident—the occurrence of injury or damage, the offense, or the making of a claim against the insured—which brings the policy’s coverage into play.
  • Who Is an Insured, which enumerates the persons and organizations that have “insured” status under the policy and on whose behalf covered claims will be paid.
  • Policy Exclusions, which limit the applicability of the insuring agreement with respect to specific types of injury and damage.
  • Limits of Insurance, which specify how much the policy will pay on behalf of the insured for each covered claim.
  • Policy Conditions, which define the rights and duties of insurer and insured under the policy.
  • Endorsements, written changes attached to the policy that modify its provisions, expand or restrict coverage, add insured persons or organizations, and tailor the policy’s applicability to specific types of risk.

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