Michigan Vulnerable Adult and Financial Exploitation Laws


The state of Michigan has enacted a variety of laws designed to protect this state’s senior citizens and vulnerable adults from abuse, neglect, and financial exploitation. Unfortunately, financial exploitation of seniors is not uncommon, but through these laws, the state has taken measures to better protect its older citizens.

The purpose of this course is to provide an overview of Michigan’s new adult financial protection laws and to offer guidelines as to how to appropriately and ethically work with senior consumers.  

Learning Objectives

Upon completing this course, students should be able to:

  • understand the meaning of “vulnerable adult” and “financial exploitation”
  • be familiar with the laws that that state of Michigan has enacted to protect vulnerable adults from financial exploitation
  • recognize signs that may indicate a person is or has been subject to financial exploitation
  • know the common signs of decreased cognitive capacity that may prevent a prospect or client from being able to make appropriate decisions about purchasing a financial product

Designed For

Licensed insurance producers who sell long-term care insurance policies in Michigan.
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