AFIS 3: Farm Auto, Workers Compensation, and Umbrella Insurance

Course Description
This course examines forms of liability insurance that play an important role in protecting farm and agribusiness operations:  vehicle insurance, workers compensation and employers liability insurance, and umbrella/excess policies. It examines the various vehicle exposures faced by farmers, ranchers, and other agribusiness operations and how they can be insured, exploring the coverages available under various standard insurance policies. The most common endorsements are also reviewed. The course then examines in detail workers compensation and employers liability insurance as they pertain to agribusinesses.  

This course includes the following chapters:

  • Agribusiness Vehicle Exposures
  • Overview of the Business Auto Policy and Covered Auto Symbols
  • Auto Liability Insurance
  • Business Auto Endorsements and Other Policies
  • Introduction to Workers Compensation
  • The Workers Compensation and Employers Liability Policy
  • Workers Compensation Policy Endorsements
  • Overview of the Workers Compensation Marketplace
  • Rating Workers Compensation Risks
  • Excess and Umbrella Liability Insurance

Learning Objectives
This is an intermediate-level self-study course. Students who successfully complete this course will be able to

  • recognize the vehicle-related loss exposures agribusinesses face and the various ways in which they can be insured,
  • determine how or whether a business auto policy (BAP) covers a given situation involving an agribusiness,
  • determine whether a BAP endorsement or another type of policy might meet the needs of a given agribusiness,
  • recognize the factors that affect a policyholder’s business auto insurance premiums,
  • recognize situations in which workers compensation laws apply to agribusiness operations and identify the impact of those laws,
  • indicate how or whether workers compensation and/or employers liability coverage would
  • apply to a given agribusiness situation,
  • determine whether a workers compensation policy endorsement or another type of policy might meet the needs of a given agribusiness,
  • recognize the impact of loss experience and other variables on workers compensation premiums, and
  • recognize the need for and the functions of excess and umbrella liability insurance policies. 

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