Maryland Tax Topics

Study Level:  Basic
Delivery Method:  Online self-study
Number of MD CE Hours:  4 
Prerequisites:  N/A

Course Description

This course begins with an overview of the Maryland tax system followed by a focus on the rules that apply to tax returns for individual taxpayers of different types. Changes to Maryland individual and business taxes that took place in 2017 are discussed next, followed by a detailed discussion of practitioner ethics based on federal Circular 230.

The course thus meets the part of the licensing requirement for Maryland Individual Tax Preparers that calls for them to obtain at least four hour hours of continuing education in Maryland state tax-related subjects, of which two hours may be satisfied by a federal course in ethics.

Learning Objectives

Upon conclusion of this course, students will be able to:

  • given examples of taxpayers with different circumstances, correctly identify their residency status and determine whether or not each must file a Maryland tax return
  • identify the criteria for determining whether a same sex couple must file their Maryland tax returns as individuals or married
  • identify the list of software providers approved by the Comptroller of Maryland for the preparation of individual tax returns and business tax returns
  • identify the five Maryland tax credits for businesses that were recently updated
  • identify the four different types of sanctions that may be imposed on practitioners for violating the regulations set out in Circular 230
  • give examples of the types of actions by a tax practitioner that would fall under the heading of “incompetence and disreputable conduct” as defined in Circular 230 Section 10.51
  • recognize examples of the application of Circular 230 due diligence requirements to the work output created by tax preparation software
  • identify the general nature and purpose of the EITC Tax Preparer Compliance Program administered by the IRS
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