Marketing Social Security Income Services In Your Practice

Study Level: Advanced
Delivery Method: Online self-study
Provider of Record: WebCE
Date Filmed: January 2016
Field of Study: Marketing


This is an advanced level course and it is highly recommended that registrants have taken both basic and advanced level Social Security income planning courses.  It is meant for participants who have a detailed familiarity with Social Security rules and strategies and wish to develop a broader perspective on Social Security income marketing and practice management services.  The course is for professionals who are considering adding this service to their practice or already offer the service and wish to increase the Social Security client base within their practice.

Course Description:

Tax professionals and financial planners are uniquely positioned to guide their clients to make a well informed Social Security income election decision.  As they venture into this topic area, they will need to determine what level of Social Security income planning service they will provide for their clients, or they may opt to outsource certain aspects of these services.  If they choose to provide these services in-house, they will want to utilize effective means of marketing and providing the requisite client deliverables.

This 2-hour course will provide tax and financial professionals with marketing and practice management tools to help them both bring more value to existing clients, and attract new clients, while educating and guiding them through this very important financial planning decision process.  The various professionals that provide Social Security income planning services and the scope of those services will also be discussed.

Participants will learn the tools and marketing strategies to reach out to affiliates and Centers of influence, how to prepare and present effective seminar PowerPoint presentations, and what comprises effective Social Security mail and online campaigns.  Finally, information on how to conduct the client meeting and how to uncover both content and demographic niche markets in your community will be discussed.

Topics covered include: 

  1. The types of financial service professionals (and their acronyms!) that are providing Social Security income service and their scopes of offerings
  2. Considerations for adding Social Security planning to your practice
  3. How to frame and offer these services to existing clients
  4. About client profiling - the interview, data collection, and needs assessment
  5. Marketing techniques to reach affiliate partners, Centers of Influence, and organizations in your community
  6. Key elements and attributes of an effective Social Security PowerPoint presentation
  7. Practice niches, both content and demographic, within Social Security income planning services
  8. Resources, further education
  9. Conclusion

Learning Objectives:

Upon completing this course participants will be able to:

  1. Differentiate between the types of professionals that provide Social Security income planning advice
  2. Evaluate whether to add Social Security income planning services to your practice or outsource them
  3. Recognize the types and depths of services to consider providing to clients
  4. Pinpoint to clients key elements of Social Security income planning and their significance
  5. Recognize critical client profile components of Social Security income planning and complete the client intake process
  6. Identify valuable affiliate marketing partners and understand their roles with respect to Social Security income planning and the client
  7. Identify various techniques for marketing Social Security income planning services
  8. Identify different types of Social Security income planning PowerPoint public presentations
  9. Differentiate between the various content and demographic niches for marketing Social Security income planning advice