Insuring the Rental Car

Clients who rent cars have a simple, straightforward question: "Should I buy the insurance the rental car company is offering?"

Proper coverage for a rental car is not a simple issue. Does the standard personal auto policy provide coverage? What about coverage offered by the renewal car companies? Is there coverage under the credit card used to rent the vehicle? This course will review the exposure and insurance options available.

Course Objectives
Upon completion, students will be able to:

  • recognize and explain the extent of coverage in standard personal auto policies
  • describe the loss damage waiver and other optional coverages typically available from the auto rental company and their limitations
  • understand the types of rental car coverage commonly provided by credit card companies
  • identify the insurance-related exposures associated with ridesharing and peer-to-peer rentals
  • explain the factors to be considered when making appropriate recommendations to a client who wants to know what to do about insurance on a rental car

Designed for: Property and casualty insurance agents, brokers, and adjusters at any level in their career

Prerequisites: None

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