20 Key Questions to Ask When Writing Homeowners Insurance (CO)

“I had no idea this would be excluded.” “You never told me that coverage was available.” “You didn’t offer higher limits.”

No insurance agent wants to hear a homeowners client utter these phrases. Asking the right questions when writing the policy reduces the likelihood of such unpleasant exchanges. This course presents 20 key questions that producers should ask when writing or renewing a homeowners policy in order to help uncover exposures to loss.  The course details the questions that should be asked relating to a homeowner’s premises- and occupancy-related property and liability exposures:

  • rental property exposures
  • business use of the insured’s premises
  • household residents
  • watercraft exposures
  • motor vehicle exposures
  • levels of property and liability coverage
  • persons who need coverage
  • property with unique value
  • property insurance coverage limits
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