Fixed Annuities - CLEQ

This course offers an in-depth look at fixed annuities, both traditional and indexed. It explains the basics of annuity products in general, and discusses the various features, provisions, benefits and limitations of these unique products. It explains how fixed annuities are designed, how they function, how their values grow and how those values can be distributed, through annuitization and/or withdrawals. The course examines many common index-linked interest crediting methods associated with indexed annuities, as well as how insurers invest for both traditional and index-linked interest crediting. The course includes a thorough discussion of annuity taxation, and explains the tax rules that pertain to early withdrawals, annuitization, and Section 1035 exchanges. The course also covers annuity suitability, offering guidelines on how producers can ensure that the products they recommend for their clients are suitable and appropriate.  

The course covers the following: 
  • annuity basics 
  • traditional fixed annuities
  • indexed annuities
  • using the annuity for income
  • annuity taxation
  • annuity suitability and disclosure practices
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