IRMI on Additional Insured Status

Course Description
This course provides an in-depth examination of additional insured status under the commercial general liability (CGL), umbrella and excess, automobile, commercial property, and workers compensation insurance policies. The reasons for requiring, methods of achieving, and problems associated with additional insured status under these various policies are examined. 

The topic of additional insured status is a difficult one:  many misconceptions result when adding contracting parties to one another’s insurance policies as additional insureds. There is also the tug-of-war between insurers and indemnitors that want to limit the scope of additional insured coverage under their policies and the indemnitees who want to maximize coverage under the policies of the indemnitors. Added to this, the interaction of additional insured status with indemnity clauses, insurance requirements, and other contract provisions is unique and complex.  

Note that this is an advanced level course - the material contained in this course is aimed at insurance professionals who have been working in the property-casualty insurance lines for some time.

The course includes the following chapters: 

  • Overview of the Contractual Risk Transfer Technique
  • Additional Insured Status
  • Additional Insured Status under the CGL Policy
  • Additional Insured Status under Umbrella and Excess Policies
  • Additional Insured Status under Commercial Automobile Policies
  • Additional Insured Status under Commercial Property Insurance
  • Additional Insureds under Workers Compensation Insurance

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