Hawaii Regulation of Annuities

This course provides an overview of Hawaii’s laws and regulations as they pertain to the sale of annuity contracts and the standards to which both annuity producers and annuity issuers must comply. Codified as part of the state’s insurance laws, these standards serve one primary purpose: to provide protection for annuity consumers. They do so by setting forth requirements that apply to the suitability of annuity recommendations and sales, the disclosures that must be made to annuity buyers, and the rules that must be followed when an annuity exchange or replacement is proposed or transacted. 

Specifically, this course reviews Sections 431:10D-501 through 625 of Hawaii’s Insurance Code, which cover:

  • suitability in annuity transactions
  • annuity disclosure
  • replacement of annuities

Included throughout this course are sample forms and documents and a glossary of terms set forth in Hawaii’s Insurance Code.

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