Federal Laws That Impact Agriculture

Course Description
There are various federal and state laws that impact agricultural employers. Of particular note are the Agricultural Workers Protection Act, Migrant Seasonal Workers Protection Act, and the H-2A Guest Worker Act.

AWPA/MSPA protects agricultural workers who are migrant and seasonal by establishing employment standards related to wages, housing, transportation, mandatory disclosures, and record keeping. It is one of the few employee-focused laws that exist. The H-2A Agricultural Guest Worker Program is a federal program that allows employers in farming and harvesting to bring in foreign workers when there is a shortage of US workers. The Acts have a plethora of recordkeeping obligations and compliance standards. Failure to meet those requirements can lead to fines and penalties, most of which are not covered by insurance.

This all-video course reviews the Acts in detail, covering all requirements, the consequences of being out of compliance, risk control measures, and insurance implications.

Learning Objectives
Upon conclusion, students will be able to:

  • identify the various types of requirements of AWPA and MSPA
  • recognize the consequences of failure to comply with requirements, including how courts have interpreted and responded to these requirements
  • identify the requirements of H-2A, including costs and penalties of noncompliance
  • understand the risk management implications and the availability of insurance for these exposures

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