Personal Autos Used in Business

Course Description
There are many situations in which a private passenger auto is used in business. This course reviews insurance coverage for such situations. 

Chapter 1 deals with coverage for the common situation in which an employee’s personally owned private passenger auto is used in his or her employer’s business. The same example is used throughout the chapter to illustrate the principles, which are examined from both the employee’s and the employer’s perspectives. The chapter discusses coverage available under the PAP, coverages available under the BAP, and relevant endorsements that are available.

Chapter 2 deals similarly with situations in which the employee is furnished with a company car.

Chapter 3 examines a variety of other situations involving the business use of a private passenger auto. Topics covered include car sharing, ride sharing, employee rental of an auto for business use, autos owned by an individual but insured under a BAP, autos used in the auto business, and renting out one’s motorhome. 

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