Indexed Annuities


This course provides a thorough study of indexed annuities: their design, use, and how they compare to traditional fixed and variable annuities. The course also explores in detail the many different crediting methods that are used to calculate and apply interest earnings to indexed annuities. For insurance producers and financial advisors, the course will provide insight into how these products can be used to accumulate funds on a tax-deferred basis for their clients’ retirement and future financial needs.  

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • describe indexed annuities and how they work
  • explain their unique design features
  • compare and contrast indexed annuities to traditional fixed and variable annuities
  • describe the tax treatment of indexed annuities
  • demonstrate understanding of the advantages and disadvantages of indexed annuities and the associated suitability issues 

Designed For

Life insurance producers; financial planners and advisors


There are no prerequisites for this course, though an understanding of annuities in general would be helpful.

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