Insuring Personal RVs, Watercraft, Aircraft, ATVs and More


Course Description
Americans in all walks of life own recreational vehicles, boats, personal watercraft, aircraft, motorcycles, all terrain vehicles, golf carts, and other types of motorized vehicles for leisure time enjoyment. Although most individuals and families have a personal auto policy (PAP) and a homeowners (HO) policy, neither form contemplates the exposures or activities that may be associated with the recreational use of unusual—often expensive—miscellaneous vehicles. This course is designed to give producers the knowledge they need to identify the related coverage gaps in their customers’ insurance programs and provide appropriate additional insurance to fill those gaps. The course analyzes the many limitations and exclusions in families’ standard personal lines policies that apply to on-road and off-road vehicles, watercraft, hovercraft, and aircraft. It examines the specific exposures, as well as the property and liability insurance alternatives associated with recreational vehicles (motor homes, camping trailers, and so forth), miscellaneous land motor vehicles, watercraft, and aircraft and hovercraft.

The course includes the following chapters:

  • PAP and HO Coverage Limitations
  • Recreational Vehicles (RVs)
  • Other Land Motor Vehicles
  • Watercraft Exposures and Insurance
  • Hovercraft, Aircraft and Umbrella Insurance.

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