_OH_IRMI on Ethics Considerations for Property and Casualty Insurance Professionals

Course Description
With a premise that ethics is good business, this course avoids academic
 and philosophical discussions to focus on some of the practical considerations for insurance agents, brokers, and adjusters. It discusses the concepts of ethical behavior, conflicts of interest, and some of the real world ethics failures that hit the headlines in recent years. The ways people can gain the trust and confidence of others—and succeed in business—by demonstrating ethical behavior are examined. It looks at the objectives of ethics codes, provides examples of ethics codes, and gives guidance on how to draft an ethics code for a business. Lastly, it challenges the reader to think about ethical decision-making with real world case studies on various ethical dilemmas encountered in insurance sales, claims, agency management, and underwriting.

This course is intended for insurance professionals at all levels of experience. Although the examples and case studies are specifically designed for the property-casualty insurance industry, the concepts explored are also applicable to life and health insurance agents and brokers.

At the conclusion of this course, you will:

  1. Know some of the key questions to consider when trying to make an ethical decision.
  2. Understand the need to use individual judgment and reasoning in resolving ethical dilemmas in insurance.
  3. Know specific ways to demonstrate to others a commitment to ethics.
  4. Understand the reasons organizations develop ethics codes.
  5. Have specific ideas for developing a code of ethics for your organization.
  6. Have experience in identifying and resolving ethical dilemmas in insurance situations

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