_OH_Ethics: Performance With Integrity

Integrity informs both our character and our behavior. When people perform with integrity they can build success and prevent failure. This course looks at ethics and integrity and how they play a part in the daily operations of insurance agents and their agencies. It will examine the importance of integrity, how it impacts the actions of insurance professionals, and what it takes to demonstrate integrity. The course focuses on applying ethics in various settings and circumstances to help agents make sound ethical decisions when dealing with client, corporate, or public situations.  

Upon completion of this course, you should be able to:
  • describe the importance of integrity
  • understand how integrity impacts the actions of the insurance professional
  • explain what it means to be a person of integrity and what it takes to demonstrate integrity
  • recognize how ethical and moral values play a role in decision-making
  • identify how insurance professionals can execute their job functions in an ethical manner.
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