_OH_Life & Health Insurance Law

Life and Health Insurance Law examines the legal concepts that are central to life and health insurance contracts and to transacting these types of insurance. The course begins with a discussion of insurance regulation and examines its objectives. It then turns to a consideration of basic contract law and explains how it applies to insurance contracts. It explains the concepts of indemnity, subrogation, coordination of benefits, insurable interest, and insurable value, and discusses the nature of collateral and absolute assignments. Insurance consumer protection is discussed as are various deceptive and unfair trade practices. The law of agency is covered as are classic defenses to liability—waiver, estoppel, election, and course of conduct and custom. The course concludes with a brief discussion of the problem of unauthorized insurance entities and the consequences of an agent’s or broker’s representation of an unauthorized insurer.

The course includes the following chapters:

  • Introduction to Insurance Law
  • Law, Indemnity and Insurability
  • The Law and Insurance Protection
  • The Law and Consumer Protection
  • Issues Affecting Insurer Liability
  • Issues Affecting Life Insurance Protection
  • Unauthorized Entities
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