Guaranteed Living Benefits for Variable Annuities

This course provides a thorough look at guaranteed living benefits (GLBs) for variable annuities. It explains in detail the four most common GLBs: the guaranteed minimum accumulation benefit, the guaranteed minimum income benefit, the guaranteed minimum withdrawal benefit, and the guaranteed lifetime withdrawal benefit. The course covers the characteristics and features of these benefits, how they work, and how they provide a measure of protection for variable annuity owners. The reader will become familiar with the needs each GLB is designed to meet as well as the suitability issues that arise in connection with their recommendation. The course concludes with three case studies that illustrate the suitable application of these unique benefits.

Guaranteed Living Benefits for Variable Annuities covers the following topics:

  • The Growth of Variable Annuities
  • Guaranteed Minimum Accumulation Benefit
  • Guaranteed Minimum Income Benefit
  • Guaranteed Withdrawal Benefits
  • Suitability of Guaranteed Living Benefits
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