_OH_IRMI on Workers Compensation


Course Description
This comprehensive, advanced level course is designed to provide detailed information on workers compensation and employers liability insurance. Today's state WC laws are examined, including who is covered and under what circumstances. Next is the workers compensation policy itself, with a focus on the National Council on Compensation Insurance (NCCI) policy as revised in 2011. The course also includes an overview of the workers compensation marketplace, the various ways WC insurance is purchased in the states, the ins and outs of workers compensation experience ratings, how employee leasing affects workers compensation requirements and how medical cost containment works to reduce WC insurance costs. The course includes the following chapters:

  • Introduction to Workers Compensation
  • The Workers Compensation and Employers Liability Policy
  • Workers Compensation and Employers Liability Policy Endorsements
  • Insurance Coverage Under Federal Acts
  • The Workers Compensation Marketplace
  • Rating Workers Compensation Risks
  • Workers Compensation Guaranteed Cost Programs
  • Retrospective Rating Plans
  • Workers Compensation Deductible Plans
  • Experience Rating
  • Employee Leasing
  • Workers Compensation Medical Cost Containment

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