AML: Understanding the Rules for Insurance Producers and Employees_OH

This interactive, audio-based course provides a thorough study of anti-money laundering rules and requirements for insurance companies, insurance producers, and insurance employees. 

The course covers the following topics: 
  • AML Background and Basics 
  • Regulatory Basis for Anti-Money Laundering 
  • AML Rules for Insurance Companies 
  • SAR Rules and Requirements
  • AML Red Flags 
This is an intermediate level course. Upon completion, students will be able to: 
  • Define money laundering and describe the phases of the money laundering process 
  • Explain how insurance products can be used for money laundering
  • Describe the basic elements of an insurance company AML program and suspicious activity reporting requirements
  • Identify and describe suspicious activity red flags and transactions 
  • Demonstrate an understanding of a producer’s personal responsibilities with respect to a company’s AML program

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