Life Insurance for Businesses_OH

Course Description

Life Insurance for Businesses explains the application of life insurance in the business market as a method of solving many complex issues that business owners commonly face. Business life insurance is always associated with how that business entity has been structured: is the business a sole proprietorship, a partnership, a corporation, or a limited liability company? The answer to this question dictates how the company manages risks in terms of human capital, or what will and may happen to the business, to the investors, to the employees, and to the families of the employees in the event of death. In light of these considerations, this course thoroughly analyzes the problems common to all of these business structures and compares the specific problems they encounter.

Course Objectives

This is an intermediate-level course. Upon conclusion, the student will understand:

  • the advantages and disadvantages of the various business structures that exist today
  • the need to be familiar with the complexities of business ownership in its various styles and operational activities.
  • the purpose for business continuation and succession planning and the vital role played by the use of life insurance
  • how risk management solutions are tailored to fit a particular business structure
  • the impact of tax considerations in preparing a plan
  • various planning strategies that will protect and enhance the business owner’s ability to obtain, retain, and promote the relationships of key personnel
  • the value of keeping businesses in a vibrant role of continuation through solutions that are beneficial to owners, employees, and heirs
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