Virginia-Specific Ethics Course 2018

Field of Study: Regulatory Ethics
Study Level: Basic
Prerequisite: None

This course must be completed by January 31, 2019.

Course Description:
This training has been created to fulfill the Virginia Board of Accountancy’s (VBOA) annual 2-hour (100-minute) CPE requirement for 2018. Beginning in 2003, all CPAs subject to Virginia CPE requirements must take an annual Ethics CPE course. Each year, the VBOA provides an outline of topics to be included. This was developed using that outline as the course framework.

Learning Objectives:
Upon completion attendees will be able to accomplish the following fundamental objectives:

  • identify updates and changes to statues, regulations and policies Virginia CPAs must adhere to
  • recall the Code of Professional Conduct when faced with ethical dilemmas
  • recognize the changes happening in the world and how they affect the work CPA professionals perform

Published Date: Oct. 2018

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