_OH_Ethics and Seniors: Understanding the Mature Market

The senior market represents a growing and dynamic market for financial professionals. This course provides a broad overview of the unique social, familial, physical, and cognitive issues seniors face that may affect their financial decisions. It offers practical guidance that financial professionals can use to communicate effectively with seniors, to ensure suitable product recommendations, and to protect themselves from potential liability when working in this sector. The course also explains the fiduciary duties financial professionals owe to senior clients and the specific steps they can take to serve this market ethically.

This course covers: 
  • Common senior needs, objectives, and priorities
  • Communicating effectively with seniors
  • Ethical practices when working with seniors
  • Red flags indicating cognitive impairment and financial abuse
This is an intermediate level course. Upon conclusion, students will be able to:
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the characteristics of various senior age groups and the retirement goals common to these groups;
  • Describe the physical, psychological, and cognitive changes that occur as people age;
  • Recognize the decision-making process seniors use to select financial professionals and the traits they seek in advisors;
  • Tailor presentation and communication styles to effectively communicate with senior clients;
  • Recognize the signs of diminished cognitive capacity and elder financial abuse;
  • Articulate the importance of maintaining strong ethical principles when working with clients;
  • Describe the distinct fiduciary duties that financial professionals owe to older clients;
  • Identify the specific steps financial professionals can take to provide ethical service to clients and to protect themselves from potential liability;
  • Describe the rules that apply when using senior designations; and
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the importance of creating an eldercare network to help meet clients' needs
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