_OH_Ethical Practice Standards for Today's Producer

Certain principles support and inspire the ethical code to which professional insurance producers should adhere. This course offers an overview of those principles and provides a practical, hands-on guide to the ethical standards that producers can apply to their day-to-day professional activities. Using the steps in the insurance sales process—from prospecting, to needs analysis, to product recommendations—this course examines the ethical requirements and standards that apply to the solicitation and placement of insurance policies and contracts. By understanding and following the ethical principles that apply to each step in the sales process, the producer will find that the business he or she writes is solid, suitable, and appropriate. 

This course covers the following topics:

  • The Professional Producer
  • Ethical Solicitation and Prospecting
  • Establishing a Client-Producer Relationship
  • Fact-Finding and Needs Analysis
  • Presenting Suitable Solutions and Policy Application
  • The Ethics of Policy Delivery and Follow-Up Service
  • Suitability—The Defining Standard

This is an intermediate level course. Upon completion, students will be able to:

  • identify the ethical principles on which a producer’s professional services should be based
  • demonstrate an understanding of how to approach clients, present product solutions, and provide follow-up service in a suitable, ethical manner
  • describe the acts producers should avoid and the disclosures they should make to clients in each step of the insurance and financial services sales process
  • explain the meaning of suitability as well as cite the client and product factors that must be considered in a suitability analysis

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