Medical Assistance Eligibility and the Minnesota Long-Term Care Partnership Program

This course offers a comprehensive look at long-term care, long-term care insurance, the options available to address the long-term care need, and Minnesota’s Long-Term Care Partnership program. Developed specifically to meet Minnesota’s initial 8-hour training requirement for producers who sell LTC policies and who represent products that are used in conjunction with the state’s Partnership program, the course addresses all of the required topics set forth in the training curriculum. Specifically, the course covers: 

  • The Need for Long-Term Care
  • Long-Term Care Services and Providers
  • Medicare and Medigap
  • Medicaid
  • Long-Term Care Insurance
  • LTC Insurance Policy Design and Options
  • LTC Partnership Programs
  • Qualified Long-Term Care Partnership Policies
  • Alternatives to Long-Term Care Insurance
  • Ethical Considerations in the Sale of Long-Term Care Insurance
  • Minnesota LTC Partnership Program 

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