_OH_Medicare Part D: Prescription Drug Coverage

This course provides a comprehensive study of Medicare Part D plans. The course orients the student to these plans by first providing a review of Original Medicare Parts A and B, and Medicare Part C. With that context, the course then introduces Part D and explains the basics: eligibility requirements, enrollment periods, and premiums. A full chapter is devoted to Part D standard coverage, including formularies, which are the foundation upon which all plans are based. A separate chapter is devoted to programs that help qualifying individuals pay for their Part D costs. The course concludes with a detailed chapter on how clients can evaluate and compare Part D plans and select the plan that is most appropriate for their needs.   

The course includes the following chapters:  
  • Overview of Medicare Parts A, B, and C
  • Medicare Part D Basics
  • How Medicare Part D Works
  • Programs That Help Pay Part D Costs
  • Deciding on a Plan
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