Long-Term Care: 8-Hour Training for California Agents

Important Note: Please verify you have the proper license before ordering and completing this course.

The purpose of this course is to provide a thorough understanding of long-term care and long-term care insurance in California. Before an agent can sell LTC insurance in this state, he or she must complete a course of study on this subject according to a topical outline provided by the state. 

This course has been approved for this purpose and covers the following subjects: 
  • long-term care services and providers 
  • funding long-term care expenses
  • long-term care insurance
  • tax-qualified long-term care insurance policies
  • long-term care policy design and options
  • California rules governing long-term care insurance
  • long-term care insurance sales and marketing
  • rate stabilization and other regulatory requirements
  • insurance administration and enforcement
Important: WebCE offers two courses designed to meet the 8-hour long-term care training requirement. The other course approved for this purpose is California Long-Term Care 8-Hour Agent Training.  
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