_OH_Inherited IRAs

This course provides a comprehensive study of inherited IRAs and the complex rules that apply to heirs and beneficiaries for taking required distributions upon the death of the IRA owner. The course explains the rules that pertain to spousal and nonspousal beneficiaries and the rules that apply according to when the IRA owner dies, whether before or after the required beginning date. The course also explores the planning opportunities that are available with stretch IRAs. Failing to advise clients appropriately or misapplying the complex IRA distribution requirements can end up costing clients and their families a great deal in taxes, penalties, and potential loss of continued tax deferral. 

The course covers:

  • Naming IRA Beneficiaries
  • Distribution After Death Rules
  • Stretch IRAs

Upon completion, students will be able to:

  • demonstrate an understanding of who can be an IRA designated beneficiary and the consequences of not having a designated beneficiary
  • recognize the distribution options available to nonspouse beneficiaries at the death of an IRA owner
  • identify the distribution options available to spousal beneficiaries at the death of an IRA owner
  • differentiate how an IRA will be distributed at death of an owner when there are multiple beneficiaries and when there are no designated
  • recognize how IRA distributions are taxed and how the “income in respect of a decedent” rule can minimize a beneficiary’s tax burden
  • recognize the purpose of a stretch IRA and how it can maximize the tax-deferred growth potential of IRA assets
  • identify the types of IRA owners for whom stretch IRAs would be suitable

Prerequisites: There is no prerequisite for this course; however, an understanding of IRAs and the required distribution rules would be beneficial.

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