MA Eligibility and the LTC Partnership Program

This course provides an overview of long-term care: what it means, how it is delivered, and how it can be funded. The course identifies the long-term care population, illustrates the long-term care continuum of health and social services, and examines the many options consumers have to meet this need. The course describes in detail today’s long-term care insurance policies, including common features, provisions, options, and limitations. Qualified long-term care partnerships are explained as are the requirements for policies that may be used in conjunction with these programs. The course examines some of the ethical and suitability issues producers may face when offering long-term care insurance. The course concludes with a unit on Minnesota’s Medicaid and Long-Term Care Partnership programs.

Minnesota Long-Term Care 4-Hour Training covers the following topics:

  • Long-Term Care Needs and Services
  • Public Financing for Long-Term Care
  • Private Funding for Long-Term Care
  • The Basics of Long-Term Care Insurance
  • Long-Term Care Partnerships
  • Requirements for LTC Partnership Policies
  • Long-Term Care Ethics
  • Minnesota LTC Partnership Program
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