Medicare-Related Products Certification Training Course

This course is designed to offer a thorough orientation to and understanding of Medicare Advantage plans and Part D Prescription Drug coverage. For the Texas agent, it provides the eight hours of Medicare-related products certification training required to market and sell Medicare Advantage plans, Medicare Advantage Prescription Drug plans, and/or stand-alone Prescription Drug plans. The course offers a general explanation of Medicare and covers the specific components of Medicare Advantage and Part D programs. It explains how Medicare-related products must be marketed as well as the sales and marketing practices that are prohibited. The course thoroughly prepares MA agents for suitable, appropriate, and compliant plan prospecting and enrollments. 

Topics covered by the course are:

  • The History of Medicare
  • The Basics of Medicare
  • An Overview of Medicare Advantage
  • Medicare Advantage Marketing Guidelines
  • Medicare Part D
  • Marketing Medicare-Related Products in Texas
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