Health Insurance Programs for Seniors - CLEQ

Health Insurance Programs for Seniors provides an overview of the different types of health insurance programs and products designed specifically for seniors. The course begins by describing the size, overall financial profile, and general health insurance needs of the senior market and explains why health care expenses are likely to increase as a person ages. Financial professionals will also learn about the different parts of Medicare and the types of coverage each offers, as well as how Medicare supplement insurance can help fill the many gaps in Medicare’s coverage. 

The course also examines the various options that seniors have for paying for long-term care and describes how long-term care insurance can provide protection from one of the greatest expenses that individuals face as they get older. Finally, the course explains the eligibility rules for Medicaid and the limitations of this program in covering seniors’ long-term care needs. Throughout the course, financial professionals will learn about the important role they play in serving the senior market and in making suitable health care product recommendations. 

The course covers the following topics:  
  • the senior market and senior health needs
  • Medicare, including Medicare Part D
  • Medicare supplement insurance 
  • long-term care insurance
  • Medicaid
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