Vermont Medicaid and Long-Term Care Partnership Policies

This course provides a basic overview of Vermont’s Medicaid program and the requirements that apply to qualified long-term care policies that are issued in Vermont. It is designed to deliver the 2 hours of state-specific content and state-specific study that are a required aspect of the initial 8-hour training necessary to sell long-term care insurance in Vermont. Topics covered include:

  • Vermont Long-Term Care Partnership Policies 
    • Policy requirements
    • Disclosure requirements
    • Standards for marketing and solicitation
    • Suitability
  • Vermont Medicaid
    • Criteria for eligibility
    • Qualified LTC Partnership Program
  • Required Notices
    • Partnership Program Notice
    • Partnership Status Disclosure Notice
    • LTC Partnership Exchange Notice

Students are advised that this course alone does not cover the full 8-hour training Vermont mandates for the sale of LTC insurance. This course must be supplemented with a general course of study on long-term care, long-term care insurance, and the basics of partnership programs. For full training, WebCE offers a state-approved Vermont version of its 8-hour Long-Term Care: Programs, Policies, and Partnerships course.

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