Keeping Up with EITC Due Diligence

Course Description:

Keeping Up with EITC Due Diligence summarizes the earned income credit rules, examines the common errors committed when claiming the credit, discusses the EIC due diligence requirements imposed on professional tax return preparers, and identifies the sanctions to which preparers and their employers may be subject for a failure to meet expected due diligence requirements.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this course, students should be able to:

  • recognize the earned income credit eligibility rules
  • identify the common errors committed in connection with claiming the earned income credit
  • recognize the consequences for the taxpayer of the IRS’ disallowance of the earned income credit
  • identify the tax return preparer’s earned income credit due diligence requirements
  • pinpoint the sanctions that may be applied on a tax return preparer and his or her employer for a failure to meet due diligence requirements

Tax Year:  2019
Prerequisites:  None

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