Elder Financial Abuse_OH

Course Description:
Financial abuse and exploitation of the elderly is not new and, unfortunately, is not uncommon. Financial advisors who serve the senior market have the responsibility not only to recognize and understand the issue, but to advocate for their senior clients with knowledge and skills that can help keep their clients from falling victim to such abuse or exploitation.  This course provides an understanding of the nature of elder financial abuse: why it is so prevalent, the factors that contribute to the risk, common perpetrators and common schemes and scams. The course then reviews a number of ways in which advisors can fight to recognize and prevent the abuse to safeguard elders’ futures. 

Learning Objectives:
Upon conclusion, students will be able to:

  • understand the meaning of “elder financial abuse” and why older people are so often victims
  • describe forms of elder financial abuse and cite common risk factors
  • understand why and how cognitive impairment is one of the leading risk factors for financial abuse
  • describe the different schemes that fraudsters may use to financially exploit seniors and the effects the abuse can inflict on victims and their families
  • identify common red flags that often signal elder financial abuse
  • develop plans and protocols for their own business model that can help older clients understand and prevent financial abuse

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