Avoiding Errors and Omissions Claims: A Guide for Insurance Producers

The purpose of this course is to help insurance producers understand their exposure to errors and omissions (E&O) claims and to provide practical guidelines for avoiding such claims. The course discusses E&O exposures, why producers need insurance protection for those exposures, and how the coverage works. It explains the liabilities producers face from both actionable conduct and negligent inaction, the roles producers undertake in various client relationships, and the legal and ethical obligations producers assume in each type of producer-client relationship. Central to the course is a presentation and analysis of several actual E&O claims cases and a review of common acts and behaviors that tend to lead to such claims. The course provides practical tips on how to avoid E&O claims and describes what to do in the event a producer is faced with such a claim. 

The course includes the following chapters: 

  • E&O Exposures
  • Producer-Client Relationships
  • Common E&O Claims
  • Avoiding E&O Claims
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