Alabama Risk Management: Avoiding Violations


Understanding how to effectively manage risk is a critically important task for all Alabama licensees. This course explores ways to minimize the risk that may arise when handling earnest money, working with unlicensed staff, and advertising on behalf of a brokerage. Students will also learn about sellers’ disclosure obligations, working with stigmatized properties, and the importance of the home inspection. The course then reviews the types of disciplinary action that may be taken against licensees who violate Alabama’s laws and rules and ends with a summary of key principles that should be followed to effectively manage risk.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • describe who must be licensed in Alabama
  • recognize the requirements that apply when handling earnest money
  • recall the types of acts unlicensed assistants and employees may lawfully perform
  • define mortgage fraud
  • identify types of advertising that may be considered misleading
  • understand sellers’ disclosure obligations, including when the Waiver of Right to Inspect Property, Seller’s Property Condition Disclosure Statement, and Buyer’s Acknowledgment Statement should be used
  • list the keys to effective risk management 

Designed For

Alabama real estate professionals at all levels of their career.

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