Fair Housing, Agency, License Law & Escrow


This course explains the concept of agency and the important duties that real estate professionals owe to their clients, including full disclosure, confidentiality, and dedication to purpose. It also describes the Illinois licensing laws that licensees must comply with and provides an overview of federal and state fair housing laws.

Learning Objectives

Students who successfully complete this course will be able to:

  • understand real estate licensees' fiduciary and other duties
  • explain the concept of agency and dual agency
  • describe the real estate licensing laws that Illinois licensees must comply with
  • state the purpose of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau
  • understand the types of acts that are prohibited by Illinois' fair housing laws
  • recognize examples of blockbusting, steering, and redlining and the penalties that may be imposed for violating fair housing laws

Designed For

Illinois real estate professionals at any level in their career

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