Risk Awareness


Roughly 80% of the problems real estate professionals run into could be eliminated if they had followed good risk management practices. Lawsuits often arise not because real estate professionals are bad, but because people were not paying attention. 

This course explores the risk management challenges that real estate professionals face every day with respect to agency issues, fair housing, antitrust, mortgage fraud, disclosure, and the unauthorized practice of law. Case studies highlight the actions that licensees can take to minimize the different risks they face. 

Learning Objectives

Upon completion, students will be able to:

  • understand the common areas of risk that licensees face in the real estate industry
  • describe the duties licensees have when working as a transaction broker or as a single agent
  • explain licensees' disclosure requirements
  • describe the steps licensees can take to mitigate risk
  • understand the concepts of fraudulent, negligent, and innocent misrepresentation
  • explain how to manage the risk of multiple offers and back-up offers
  • recognize the risk arising from short sales and noncompliance with fair housing laws

Designed For

Real estate professionals at any level in their career
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