Texas Broker Responsibility


This six-hour course is mandatory for brokers renewing their licenses who sponsor salespersons, designated brokers of a business entity, or licensees who are delegated supervisors of one or more licensees. The course addresses the regulatory aspects of managing, operating, and supervising a real estate brokerage firm in Texas and covers the law of agency, the requirements for written policies and procedures, record keeping, advertising, recruiting and training agents, and filing complaints with the Texas Real Estate Commission.

Learning Objectives

Students who successfully complete this course will be able to:

  • understand TREC's rules and regulations that brokers must comply with
  • discuss new rules concerning delegated supervisors, team leaders, and the Broker Responsibility course
  • understand the rules that apply to advertisements in general and to advertising team names and assumed business names
  • describe the rules that apply to managing trust funds, maintaining records, and distributing customer protection forms
  • explain how TREC handles applications and complaints
  • understand a broker's property management responsibilities and the laws pertaining to property management in Texas

Designed for

Brokers who sponsor sales agents, designated brokers of a business entity, and license holders who are delegated supervisors of one or more license holders must complete this mandatory six-hour Broker Responsibility course to renew their licenses. In addition, other real estate licensees may take this course for six hours of elective credit.

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