The Nuts & Bolts of Home Construction and Design


Building a custom home as opposed to purchasing a previously–owned or production home has distinct advantages, but it can be a more involved and costly process. Home construction and design involves many people, tons of materials, and numerous construction techniques. Understanding the home construction and design process will help real estate professionals strengthen their expertise in residential real estate and better assist home buyers and sellers.

This course will explain the home construction and design process from planning through construction. It has four chapters: Planning the Project; Designing the Home; Constructing the Home: Site Preparation to Functional Elements; and Constructing the Home: Installing Mechanical Systems and Finishes. 

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this course, students will be able to: 

  • explain key elements of the budgeting process for a custom–built home
  • describe the processes for financing home construction and buying land
  • describe the roles and responsibilities of the home construction and design team
  • understand the process of site preparation, constructing foundations, and finishing interiors of homes 

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Real estate professionals at any level in their career

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