_OH_Agricultural Insurance and Risk Management

Course Description
Like any business person, a farmer has to practice good management techniques, including proper risk management of all phases of the farming operation. Sound risk management techniques include exposure avoidance, loss control, contractual risk transfer, retention, and insurance. Those who provide risk management products and services to this market must also be familiar with these issues.

The purpose of this course is to present the concept of risk management as it applies to farmers and their business, and to offer an understanding of the various forms of insurance designed for this market. The course covers farm property coverage, farm liability coverage, farm livestock coverage, farm umbrella coverage, products for large commercial farm corporations and crop insurance. 

Specifically, the course addresses following topics:

  • Farm Statistics and Demographics
  • Farm Risk Management
  • ISO’s Farm Property Insurance Products
  • ISO’s Farm Liability Insurance Products
  • ISO’s Commercial Farm Product – Agricultural Capital Assets (Output Policy)
  • AAIS Farmowners Program
  • AAIS Additional Farm Insurance Products
  • Crop Insurance

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