Claim Adjusting: The Top 15 Rules


There are lists for the top 10 reasons to become an insurance claims adjuster and the qualities of a good claims adjuster, but there has not been one for the top rules for claims adjusters. This course will remedy this and go beyond the top 10 rules to feature 15 rules.

This course presents a number of best practice standards for insurance claims adjusting, through the convention of a “Top 15 List.” Developed by Barry Zalma, an internationally known expert on insurance claims handling, the course offers recommended guidelines as well as mandatory procedures that direct how the claims adjuster should approach and execute his or her professional duties. 

Learning Objectives

Upon completion, students will be able to:

  • explain the nature of the top 15 rules for claim adjusting.
  • explain the relevance of the rules
  • understand why the rules are important and while an adjuster should adhere to them

Designed For

P&C producers, adjusters, public adjusters and claims professionals

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